what is the characteristics of the martensite transformation?

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(1) The martensitic transformation is no diffusion transformation martensite phase transition of press brake is just a reorganization of the lattice high lattice. Change and diffusion of the chemical composition, the formation faster, high-carbon steel martensite can be formed in the 10s a martensite.

(2) martensite variable temperature change. It is formed in a temperature range within a temperature between Ms and Mf is the formation of only a certain amount of martensite. Under certain temperature conditions, the extension of the time does not make the increase in the quantity of martensite, make the martensitic quantity increased, only by continuing to reduce the temperature.

(3) The martensitic transformation is not complete. Since the ending point of the martensitic transformation temperature is low, so at room temperature for martensite transformation is impossible to get the full martensite, while there must be part of the austenite is retained, even if the austenite continuous cooling to the martensite finish temperature below Ms, but also less than all of the complete transformation of austenite into martensite. Part of the residual austenite is present in steel, which is the martensitic transformation is not complete.

(4) transformation of austenite to martensite. By the face-centered cubic lattice type, into a body centered tetragonal, the result that the volume of the martensite of shearing machine is increased. Why would the main reason of the large internal stress which is the formation of martensite.

(5) Martensite stabilization phenomenon. The undercooled austenite into martensite, in some austenitic changing circumstances, if a temperature between Ms and Mf stay down. Will unconverted austenite stability, this phenomenon is referred to as the stabilization of austenite.

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