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CHINA Davis Group directly exported all kinds of economic sheet metal hydraulic ironworker machine, punch and shear machine to Ireland with best price and good quality.the function of hydraulic ironworker machine, sheet metal punch and shear machine include  including: Punch, Angle Shear, Flat Shear, Round, Square Bar Shear, Rec. Notch, V-Notch, Channel Shear,I beam shear,shearing T-bar, Press Brake, Angle Bending and Pipe Notching. we are looking forward to receive the enquiry of hydraulic ironworker machine, punch and shear machine from Ireland


Q35Y hydraulic ironworker machine punch and shear machine china



Model DIW-60 DIW -
Punching Pressure(T) 60 90 110 140 200 250
Max Shearing
Thickness (mm)
16 20 25 30 40 50
Plate Strength(N/mm2) ≤450 ≤450 ≤450 ≤450 ≤450 ≤450
Shearing Angle
Flat Bar(H×W)(mm) 16×2508×400 20×33010×480 25×33016×660 30×35520×600 35×38025×700 40×40030×750
Ram Stroke(mm) 80 80 80 80 80 100
Number of Stroke (times/min) 6 8 6 6 8 8
Throat Depth(mm) 300 355 400 600 600 600
Thickness (mm)
16 20 25 26 30 35
Max Punching
25 30 35 38 40 45
Main Motor Power (kw) 4 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5
Overall Dimensions
1650×800×1780 1950×900×1930 2350×980×2100 2680×1060×2380 2800×1160×2400 3000×1440×2450
Weight(kg) 1900 2600 4800 6800 9200 12800


Profile Round Bar(mm) Square Bar(mm) Equal Angle(mm) T Bar(mm) Joist(mm) Channel(mm)
90° Shearing 45° Shearing 90° Shearing 45° Shearing
DIW -60 45 40×40 120×120×12 70×70×8 120×60×12 60×60×10 126×74×5 126×53×5.5
DIW -90/90E/90L 50 45×45 140×140×12 70×70×10 140×70×12 70×70×10 160×86×6 160×60×6.5
DIW -120/120E/120L 60 50×50 160×160×14 80×80×7 160×80×14 80×80×10 200×102×9 200×75×9
DIW -160/160E/160L 65 55×55 180×180×16 80×80×10 180×90×16 90×90×10 280×124×10.5 280×86×11.5
DIW -200E/200L 75 60×60 200×200×16 100×100×10 300×120×18 100×100×10 300×126×11 300×89×11.5
DIW -250E/250L 80 65×65 200×200×20 120×120×10 300×300×18 120×120×10 320×130×10 320×92×12


Sheet Metal Hydraulic Iron Worker machine, punch and shear machine

Multiple functions including: Punch, Angle Shear, Flat Shear, Round, Square Bar Shear, Rec. Notch, V-Notch, Channel Shear,I beam shear,shearing T-bar, Press Brake, Angle Bending and Pipe Notching! It comes standard with: quick-change coupling nut & sleeve, squaring arm with scale, electronic back gauge, gauging table with stops, punching base table, safety guards and more.

PUNCHING- The Punching Station offers a full range of universal punches and dies. Unique style allows for large angle iron punching and large channel punching. A large stripper viewing window and the swing away design offers ease of operation. Two-piece gauging table with rulers and stop is offered as standard equipment. Quick change coupling nut and sleeve makes for rapid replacement or changing of the die in use.

NOTCHING- The Notching Stations unique design allows for unsurpassed cutting of angle and flat barstock. Electrically Interlocked safety guards are installed for maximum operator safety. Built into this ironworker are three gauging stops for precise positioning along with ventilated guard for maximum operator visibility.

FLAT SHEARING- At the Flat Bar Shearing Station you can easily adjust the hold for precision cutting and shearing without loosing operator visibility. The large 15-inch squaring arm is inlaid with a scale and comes standard on all machines. A specially contoured anti-distortion blade provides quality cuts while a lower blade offers maximum versatility with four usable edges. Set Screws allow for easy gapping with no shimming required. An included large squaring arm makes miter cuts easy to do.  Three-foot electronic back gauge allows for fine adjustment and precision accuracy and features a large contact button for maximum productivity. The fully protected electrical harness offers both safety and reliability.

ANGLE SHEARING- The angle cut shear has the ability to cut angled iron at a 45°and 90° angle from both the top and bottom leg, allowing for a picture frame like corner to be made for perfect welds. Installed safety guards are both large and strong offering protection while the machine is in use.

BAR SHEARING- Round and Square bar shearing station has multiple holes for a variety of sizes. The adjustable hold-down provides a clean squaring cut and with large, heavy-duty knobs the precise hold can be made.

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